Aug 30 2010

Ticket prices Zilina v Chelsea

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MSK Zilina, Slovak Champions & proud qualifiers to the Champions League group stages appear to be showing their loyal fans a big fat middle finger in incredible style this afternoon!

Details have been released on the ticketing policy for the home match against Chelsea on 15th September.  I actually couldn’t believe this when I read it but the cheapest tickets (behind the goals) are going for €50!  I had to re-read this several times to confirm that this wasn’t a package price for all 3 group stage matches, but it does indeed appear that a mark up of over 550% is being applied to the prices charged for domestic league games!  A range of ticket prices are available for Corgon Liga games and basically fans can sit where they want in the stadium and get change from €10 with which they could enjoy a pre-match beer & sausage.  The VIP seats for league games are on offer for €20 – equivalent to 20 times less than what is being asked for the Chelsea match!

For fans wanting to watch the match from the stands alongside the pitch the prices being asked are a staggering €150 (Cat I), €200 (Cat II) or for a VIP seat … €400!  These figures are ludicrous wherever we are talking about, but this is Slovakia, where average wages are in the region of €500-€800 / month!

€200 seat anyone ??

The stadium in Zilina can only hold just under 11,000 for Champions League matches, and of course the club can’t be blamed for trying to cash in on their success, but this is absolutely outrageous.  This is the most brutal example of pricing ordinary fans out of the watching their team’s biggest matches (especially as many will be desperate to follow their team to the away legs as well!)  The Pod Dubnom stadium will (probably) be full of a business & corporate crowd, who have no intention to support their team in the passionate way the real Zilina fans have demonstrated in the 3 qualifying rounds leading to this stage.  Other parties making up the numbers in the stands on Zilina’s biggest night for decades will probably be the entire Slovak parliament & Chelsea supporters (one wonders if even they will be willing to fork out these prices!) I have real sympathy for the ultras, and the real fans, and wouldn’t be surprised to see this move by the club backfiring quite badly in the coming weeks.  Judging by reaction on fans forums, they are not happy!  Watch this space for more news ..

p.s. for anyone (like me) unable to believe these prices:

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  1.   James Baxteron 30 Aug 2010 at 11:42 pm

    Too bloody right. Every single word. Re further articles : will work on it tomorrow and be in touch.

  2.   Andreaon 31 Aug 2010 at 12:29 am

    .. shocking! …and you are talking about average GROSS salaries where ordinary people not in management positions pocket 350 to 400 per months, so even the cheapest ticket is a massive cut to their budget.. really disgusting.

  3.   Roboon 31 Aug 2010 at 4:04 pm

    exactly Andrea suhlasim s Tebou :-)

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