Oct 27 2010

Farcical Fences

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I would be very interested to hear an explanation of the value of these fences, currently in use at Pasienky Stadium.  This picture shows travelling MSK Zilina fans celebrating their team’s goal against Slovan Bratislava last weekend, and supports my arguments put across in the Spartak Trnava debate.  The fences were put in place for the Slovan v Red Star Europa League qualifier back in August and we still see them in use at Corgon Liga matches held at this stadium.  This despite the fact that fans regular climb on the fences bending and damaging the lightweight metal creating potentially more dangerous situations than before.  Maybe I see this wrong, but to me if somebody wanted to get on the pitch, these fences are not going to stop them.  Ridiculous.

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  1.   James Baxteron 27 Oct 2010 at 12:52 pm

    The fences are, of course, about as much use as a …..(complete with your own simile). Agree with you 100% and with the points about fences, security etc that you added to my article.

    But the media, yet again, haven’t done much of a job here. Sport had absolutely nothing to say about Zilina fans climbing on fences. Nor (sorry to repeat myself) did they refer to Trnava fans throwing objects onto the pitch after their teams’ disallowed goal on Saturday. One of these objects (sorry again for repetition) looked to me like a glass bottle.

    When the media does its job, as it did here over the CL ticket-price fiasco, it can make a difference. Over stadium issues, crowd trouble etc, though, it needs to be far more persistent because I personally can’t get too optimistic about the likelihood of SFZ or a lot of the clubs doing much without having pressure put on them.

    My big fear, frankly, is someone getting killed. That it didn’t happen at DAC v Slovan in 2008 is pure good fortune. A friend reminded me this week of the Wales fan killed back in the early 90s by a flying firework. If glass bottles keep being thrown, a player could be the victim. Hillsborough, of course, needs no introduction. They’re walking a tightrope in this country at present and it needs sorting out. For that, as we’ve said between us, it needs the SFZ, the clubs, the fans and the media to get serious.

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