Oct 28 2010

Slovak Cup 1/4 Final Draw

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TJ Spartak Myjava (II. liga) – ŠK Slovan Bratislava (Corgoň liga (CL)
MFK Tatran Liptovský Mikuláš (I. liga) – MŠK Žilina (CL)
FC Nitra (CL) – FC ViOn Zlaté Moravce (CL)
MFK Ružomberok (CL) – FC Spartak Trnava (CL)

My first reaction on seeing this draw was that it had a ‘seeded’ feel to it.  Surely the big names will be happy with the draw, but then again, perhaps the smaller teams may also not be complaining.

2nd Division Spartak Myjava will host holders Slovan Bratislava and the other non- Corgon Liga outfit, Liptovský Mikuláš host MŠK Žilina in what must be something of ‘Northern derby’ (although I just noticed the towns are 88km apart).  That match takes place a week later than the others (due to Zilina’s Champions League commitments) on 10th November and promises to be quite a day/night for the hosts.  I’m pretty sure a train connects the two towns (I’m sure James will correct me if I’m wrong) and quite possibly Zilina will take a large contingent of fans with them on this trip.  The question is how seriously do they take the cup this season especially with the Champions League still in full swing at this time.  I think I wrote it in one of my early Cup preview pieces and I have no reason to change my mind (although I admit to sometimes getting tempted by the long odds of their opponents!) - I still think this might be Zilina’s season for the league+cup double.

Scanning the map, I also wonder if some of the Slovan fans’ buddies from across the border in Brno might be tempted to rock up at Myjava.  We’ll see how that plays out, but the hosts look strong in the cup this season, already having eliminated 2 top flight teams in Dubnica and Senica.  Slovan should progress easily against largely amateur opposition although you never know!

Spartak Trnava will definitely fancy their chances against a Ruzomberok side struggling for form, but as we’ve already seen with Trnava they need to concentrate on consistency as if they have a bad night it could all be over.  I’m pretty sure Trnava really want to win the cup this season.

Nitra and ViOn presumably will also look at the draw thinking that it could be better or it could be worse; either of these teams stands a good chance to progress to the semis.  I fancy ViOn might just add some more strength to @eredivisielife ‘s claim that they are dark horses to the cup this season.

Personally I can see this heading towards a semi-final draw consisting of Zilina, Slovan, Spartak & ViOn.  It’s an interesting competition with high-stakes (Silverware and a Europa League qualification place) and here on the blog we’ll be following with interest what happens next .. first matches next week Tuesday  - 2nd November (hardly a lot of time to prepare!)

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