Nov 12 2010

Matchday 16 + Predictions

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We recently teamed up with the excellent Slovak Daily to bring a bit of fresh footballing input into their excellent online news site.  The Daily does a great job of presenting important stories in the Slovak news in the English language and is well worth a read.  I believe there was a big gap in the ‘market’, and John Boyd and his team are doing a good job of filling it.

Each week I try and get a quick preview and / or review of the Slovak league games written and shared with The Daily.  This week, by popular request, we’re going to have a shot at some predictions too!

DAC – Trnava

This game is kicking off on Friday at 17:00 possibly due to security reasons.  Both teams are on long unbeaten runs and the question is whether something will give in Dunajska Streda.  It’s a tough one to call, and for that reason I’ll go for a draw:


Dan: 1-1

James: 1-1

ViOn – Dukla

2 teams level on points in 5th and 6th place, perhaps Dukla the side which are showing the slightly better form at the moment.  ViOn are having problems scoring goals and it’s hard to identify exactly where are Dukla’s strengths and weaknesses after they drew their last 2 games 3-3 and 0-0 against Zilina and Slovan respectively.  It would be easy to go for a draw here, but I’ll stick my neck out and go for an away win – just a gut feeling based on recent form – ViOn lost their last 2 games against Nitra and Tatran (both away) however their home form is slightly better.


Dan: 1-2

James: 2-1

Kosice – Senica

For several weeks already I have had this feeling that Senica would fall away from their current lofty position but they are still there determinedly holding on to 3rd spot level with Trnava.  They lost a couple of games in October, then recovered slightly with 2 draws and a win from their last 3 matches, but what this means is hard to say – the strength of their opposition in these games hasn’t been great with the exception of DAC, but those 2 teams’ friendly relationship suggested the draw suited everybody that night!

If this match had been a couple of weeks ago I would have no hesitation in backing Senica, purely due to the horrendous start to the season by Kosice, however the 2nd city team are showing signs of life now and have moved off the bottom following a win over Nitra and a draw at Ruzomberok.  The bookies are also really unsure on this one with both teams getting almost identical odds of around 2.6 for the win.  Am I allowed to say this is another really tough one to call?!  I think most of them are this week – but once again I’ll stick my neck out and go for Kosice.


Dan: 2-1

James: 1-1

Dubnica – Presov

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any harder, up pops another really tricky match to call!  This is actually a really important match at the bottom of the table, a real relegation ’6-pointer’ !  You fear for Dubnica both on and off the pitch at the moment, and it’s interesting to see them installed as favourites for this match.  This time I’m going to go for a draw again .. the Corgon Liga does get more than it’s fair share of draws!


Dan: 1-1

James: 0-1

Slovan – Nitra

Well, this time Slovan have to win and they have to win in style.   The team from the capital have been struggling in the goalscoring department of late but this match against a Nitra side who have been slipping down the table after 3 defeats on the bounce should really offer Slovan an opportunity to get back on track.  Zilina are starting to disappear over the top of the hill but 2nd place is still a realistic target for Slovan if they get a decent run of form together.  This is the weekend to start it and I think they just might ..


Dan: 3-0

James: 4-0

Zilina – Ruzomberok

Zilina are 6 points clear and I wouldn’t be surprised if that becomes 8 this weekend if my predictions for Trnava and Senica hold true.  Whatever happened against Marseille, Zilina don’t seem to be making any mistakes domestically so it is almost impossible to see beyond a home win here (unless you fancy odds of up to 11.0 on Ruzomberok!)


Dan: 4-0

James: 2-1

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3 Responses to “Matchday 16 + Predictions”

  1.   James Baxteron 13 Nov 2010 at 11:16 pm

    One correct score each but you were better results wise. Picking Dukla to win at ZM was a very good call.

  2.   britskibelasion 14 Nov 2010 at 6:13 am

    Yeah Dukla seem to have turned that ‘so-called’ corner .. ever since that 3-3 at Zilina they’re on the up.

    Between us we did alright on the first week of predictions, think you’d agree. You were right on the Zilina front, I thought they’d run riot. I didn’t see Slovan doing quite so badly though, what an awful result. Have to check what the attendance was ..

    Also Presov winning, good call. Didn’t see this coming, but things don’t look good at all for Dubnica do they?

  3.   James Baxteron 14 Nov 2010 at 10:32 am

    They don’t indeed. It’s a nice away trip so I really hope they’ll turn the corner. The keeper was at fault with the goal, letting a fairly tame header slip through his hands. Later a quick free-kick from his own penalty area went awry ; he tried to lash the ball downfield but it whacked one of his defenders (5 yards or so away with his back turned) on the head.

    From the brief highlights I saw, Slovan’s attacking efforts foundered on both bad luck and ineptitude, summed up when Ivana (I think) hit the post after a brilliant move and Grendel, following up with an empty goal in front of him, slipped over and sent the ball dribbling harmlessly wide.

    Pich showed some fine skills for Dukla and Kosice v Senica looked a really good game – chances at both ends.

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