Aug 20 2011

Slovan Bratislava 1-0 AS Roma

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Well, that is an eye catching scoreline!  I certainly didn’t expect that.  A great result though and Slovan should be proud of this achievement.  I would still be extremely surprised if we survive the second leg, but stranger things have happened than Slovan scoring an away goal, so who knows if things go our way out there, anything is possible.

I can’t really comment on this match as I wasn’t there and I couldn’t watch it.  I know that an attendance of over 10,000 and a great atmosphere were extra highlights from a great night for Slovan.  There were some reports of trouble in the Roma section (not caused by Roma fans), and it is really sad to hear of fans being forced to leave early for their own safety.  I can imagine, but I cannot really judge what happened.  Have I mentioned before that Pasienky is a substandard stadium for big European games, especially with regards to security?  I think I have.  Anyway, I just hope we don’t see serious repercussions either in the form of intimidation of the fans travelling to Rome or punishment for the club.  Time will tell on that one.

On the pitch, I do wonder if this is really a sign of Vladimir Weiss’ tactical genius or if AS Roma turned up with a weakened side, underestimated Slovan slightly and got caught out.  Opinions of those who watched are more than welcome …

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  1.   James Baxteron 20 Aug 2011 at 10:58 am

    Saw the last 10 mins (switched on seconds after the goal) and Roma were passing harmlessly back and forth in front of a nine-man Slovan back line. In fact, Slovan had a chance to make it two but Sebo wasn’t sharp enough to take it.

    Saw highlights later and, judging by those, Roma hit the post but did little else. Considering Slovan had players missing, notably Guede, they did very well. I’ve said it before, I incline towards the ‘Weiss is a genius’ theory. If they were lucky, as some will no doubt tell you, well, it’s incredible how often Weiss gets lucky. At the very least, having his tactics right so often (at least in the games that really matter, forget Andorra, friendlies etc) increases his chances of succeeding.

    Roma will clearly be more switched on over there and it will be a long, hard night for Slovan but I wouldn’t write them off. An early away goal and it’ll be very interesting….

    Read on zoznam about 60 or so Roma fans throwing floor tiles(?!) at Slovan fans and police before the game but also sounds like the stewards and a few Slovan fans in the ground have things to answer for.

    Armenia and Russia games now in Zilina. Sensible decision.

  2.   Kirsten Schlewitzon 20 Aug 2011 at 8:42 pm

    Absolutely a weakened side. Maybe one regular starter in that lineup? They brought the kids and anticipated an easy walk in the park. The best part was that Roma loaded on Totti and Borriello in the end and still couldn’t score, not even from a Totti free kick.
    They’re a side in transition, Roma, and it’s possible they’re still not going to be able to answer Slovan next week.
    Possible, but not probable. New ownership wants to see results, Luis Enrique wants to prove himself. But at the same time, the match comes three days before the start of Roma’s season, and although they’re not playing a particularly threatening side, that’s going to have to be on their minds.
    Also, Roma came close quite often — at home, with less nerves, those shots just might be going in :(

  3.   George Mon 20 Aug 2011 at 9:44 pm

    Saw this entire game last night , whilst at friends house for a beer . I think James is being a little economical with the truth as Roma had 65% of the possession and 29 goal efforts , to Slovan’s 7 ….ZERO efforts in the first half . Napolean once said , yes I know this man is good General, but is he lucky . Weiss was the lucky General last night . Dont get me wrong , I have a lot of respect for Weiss and his skills as a General . He has had some quite amazing results for Slovakia and when he was in charge at Artmedia . Ask Italy , Celtic, Porto and Belgrade .

    The Slovan performance was sadly lacking any real vive, or effort on goal and it was only thanks to a luckluster performance from Roma, ( better explained by Kersten as the Rim reserve side ) and more akin to a pre season friendly game, and why they perhaps did did not score 3 or 4 goals .

    Sebo gets worse, everytime I see him play and is more suited to joining the stands with the skinhead, tattooed yobs , who he was cheerleading at the end, like some super hero. He had two chances the entire game , one he took too long to get his shot in , when clean through and the defender blocked his effort , two he scuffed his shot when 6 yards out , with the goal at his mercy . The actual goal 10 mins from time, surprised everyone, even the guy that scored it , as seemed to hit him in the face, rather than he made any contact with his forehead. The Keeper then made a total hash of what should have been an easy save, by letting the ball squeeze under his body .

    I expect Roma to run out easy winners in the 2nd leg 3 or 4 to nil. No one can be that luck twice in row and Slovan have no one who even looks like scoring and a defence that look like a misfit 6th Division Sunday morning side.

    Roma are an odd Italian side , and can always be beaten when away from home, if you get at them ….ask Man U , they got 7 goals pass them once .

    Slovan won , and I guess that is all that matters in the end , but I just wonder how long Slovan their awful and quite comical defending, can last out before the first goal .

    Small bet , min 4/0 in Roma .

  4.   James Baxteron 20 Aug 2011 at 11:52 pm

    Well, I did admit to only seeing the last 10 mins live. Roma were ineffective during those but I’ll also admit that one shouldn’t judge by highlights, especially not those put out by Slovak outlets! And, btw, Sport had a ridiculous headline over its article today – Rimsky Pad – as if Slovan had brought down the empire or something.

    What Roma do in the 2nd leg might depend on how seriously they’re taking the EL. Personally, I don’t get why any club in any country wouldn’t take it seriously but some of the English ones (eg Villa, Spurs) seem to disdain it. Perhaps this defeat will sting them into picking their full side and showing what they can really do and then George, perhaps you’ll be in the money. Personally I’m not writing off an away goal…

  5.   Imran Iqbal Tahiron 21 Aug 2011 at 1:34 am

    Great contributions so far. I’ll try adding to it from a Roman point of view.

    There were some talks about riots prior the game. I honestly do not know the exact numbers. Italian media have speculated everything from 4 to 12 arrests on Roma fans. I spoke to Gianfranco from Associazone Italiana Roma Club as soon as I entered our sector and he informed me there would be no banners and flags as their men had been arrested for rioting. I was surprised by the lack of passion and engagement from our fans during the game. Only later I understood they were boycotting (yes, they tend to do that). They obviously didn’t take the arrests very well. However, I never figured this out until after the game.

    I must admit I was surprised by our line-up as Luis Enrique tested the trio Bojan-Totti-Borriello last week against Valencia. Then during this week’s training we got to know Juan, Pizarro, Perrotta and Greco would miss the game through injuries. De Rossi was still suspended for 3 European Games. Totti and Borriello were in doubt, but were believed to shake off their injuries. Our team is still incomplete as we’re waiting 3-4 more signings to complete the squad. I wouldn’t use the term Roma B or reserve, as this was not the case. We didn’t deliberately bench our ‘best’ players, nor did we underestimate Slovan. Luis Enrique and Sabatini (sporting director) spoke of the importance of not underestimating Slovan when the draw was made.

    I felt we had full control of this tie. It was obvious Slovan’s tactics were to lie deep with many players behind the ball and then try to punish Roma through counter attacks. However, this did not happen in the first half and we restricted Slovan to few, if none, opportunities. Roma were lacking concentration and precision in the final part of the attacks. Decent efforts from Okaka and Caprari could easily have found their ways to the net on other occasions.

    The second half got off to a much livelier start with respect to both teams. Slovan played with more confidence and were involving more players in their attacks, even patiently building attacks. This resulted in a lot of corners and few opportunities.

    Unfortunately, some 20-25 minutes into the 2nd half some unpleasant scenes took place. Suddenly we started hearing the sounds from the constant shaking of the blockage from our right side. The stewards were doing nothing to stop the few stupid fans heating up the tension between the rest of the fans. The Roma fans knew what could happen and started moving away in the same direction, forming a closely gathered crowd as far away from the riot police as possible. The stewards entered our sector in masses and started hitting those in front who were expressing their discomfort with the situation. The Roma fans werent feeling safe and protected, ending up with many leaving the game early, afraid of what could happen. Only a few minutes later the riot police entered our section. At this point the Roma fans were continuously screaming at the stewards and police. Our Roman friend – beaten by riot police at Old Trafford – advised us to get moving. We moved in the opposite direction to find a safer place than the front row, right in front of the threatening riot police and among the most fired up Roma fans. Our Italian friend, who understands the Italian body language as well as the spoken language, and with his experience with high risk games, felt that the best thing to do at this point was to leave. To leave before it got violent, a situation which would lead anyone (hostile or friendly, child or adult) getting hurt, in the small sector in which us Roma fans were sitting.

    Slovan scored after we had left.

    On to the 2nd leg. I’m confident we have the quality to overturn the 1st-leg deficit. I think Slovan’s chances lie in frustrating Roma with a stellar defensive display.

    Good luck, Daniel. And to your Slovan readers.

  6.   Imran Iqbal Tahiron 21 Aug 2011 at 2:18 am

    I would like to add that we played with our strongest possible line-up apart from Okaka from start at Totti’s expense. While Borriello is a good player, his expulsion can be justified as Caprari is more suited to playing laterally in a 4-3-3 than him. Kids? Viviani (’92) and Caprari (’93) played. Caprari already featured quite often for his age last season. Viviani was no experiment. He has been singled out for praise by Luis Enrique and will be slowly be integrated into the first team. He was the only natural replacement for De Rossi.

  7.   James Baxteron 21 Aug 2011 at 10:35 am

    Very interesting from Imran Iqbal Tahir and, sadly, all too believable. Not one word on any of this in yesterday’s Slovak media so it’s purely thanks to you that we now have the view from the away end. *

    I also like your descriptions of Slovan’s tactics because that’s Weiss all over when he comes up against ‘bigger’ sides – be cautious for the first 30 mins or so, stay in the game then start to expand as it goes on. He’s made an art of it over the years.

    * Apologies for appearing to make ‘political capital’ here but when the owner of Slovan also owns, or is in cahoots with, half the country’s media, I fear we must conclude that we’ll only ever hear half a story.

  8.   George Mon 21 Aug 2011 at 12:01 pm

    Yes,interesting from Imran Iqbal Tahir , I also like his descriptions of Slovan’s tactics because that’s Weiss all over when he comes up against ‘bigger’ sides and be defensive and cautious for the first third, send the other side to sleep, or over confident , stay in the game, then start to expand forward, as it goes on. Yes , he’s made an art of it over the years.

    As for the crowd problems ….well what comes around goes around I guess, although this type of thing goes on all the time in football , just unless there is a mass riot, it just never gets reported. Governments and local embassy just dont bother when it is reported to them . I do love however how Supporters Clubs live in total denial of their own people causing these major problems, by claiming turf rights in the center of someone else home town, or city and of keeping up their clubs ‘hardman’ reputation . I mean how can you be so upset at not being allowed your flag or banner and blame this for violence … is childish .

    Roma as many Italian clubs are not the most welcoming of (foreign) supporters on their home turf, especially if they too have some (past) reputation and then some home cretin always has to earn his colours or badge with his mates, as a tough guy and cause trouble at the away end or outside . People seem surprised when trouble starts and the Police blame the away fans , who blame the Police and and the Stewards , who blame the media etc .

    The fact is , most away fans pay a lot of money and take the time off work to travel to watch games and 99% do not go to cause trouble in the ground when they arrive. BUT it is the same when fans visit the other way round ….so the real and come to watch the game fans, then become a target of the home team nutters and then of course ‘payback’ at the next leg etc , is then planned by some Fanzine idiot .

    I have been on several very expensive package trips, or company sponsored games to Italian clubs in expensive seats, only to have bottles and worse thrown at me by the home team fans, whilst the Police watch and laugh on and then attack the away crowd for getting pissed off with it all.

    It is some society, sick mind set, of bored, thug drugged up with steroid policeman, some ‘thug supporters’ and useless politcians that we still live in today …..

    Perhaps we do need a every 30 years War to get rid of these cannon fodder, vermin people ?

  9.   Imran Iqbal Tahiron 21 Aug 2011 at 4:01 pm

    I too share James Baxter’s views on Weiss. I consider him a great tactician who has done remarkably well given the material and sources he has worked with. He too often gets the tactical approach right to be called ‘lucky’.

    Thanks for sharing the knowledge. Despite having lived in Slovakia for the previous three years, I did not know the Slovan owner was Slovakia’s answer to Berlusconi (minus all the controversies).

    I believe George too when he says they don’t make a big deal out of it unless there is mass riot and wounded people. I still do not know the evolution of the situation after we left; I only got a “ok, thank you” response from Gianfranco when I asked him to verify his condition.

    I know the Italian/Roman fans and especially their treshold of some of them of being provoked. These fans exist among every fanbase. I am not protecting them, nor am I justifying their actions. Especially since I do not have all the details to draw conclusions in this specific situation. However, I do know the Ultras have caused trouble on away trips. I just pray the Slovan fans will enjoy a good trip without experiencing any form for violence.

  10.   James Baxteron 21 Aug 2011 at 7:41 pm

    As far as the wider situation goes, George talks quite a lot of sense here and I very much echo this in particular :

    ‘Supporters Clubs live in total denial of their own people causing these major problems, by claiming turf rights in the center of someone else home town, or city and of keeping up their clubs ‘hardman’ reputation.’

    When I think about how going to English football was in the 80s, when you were running the gauntlet at pretty much every ground you visited, and how it is now – a little sterile perhaps but fundamentally safe and you wouldn’t worry over much about taking your wife/girlfriend/kids (other than the hit to your pocket) – I believe this is a big part of the key to it.

    It’s not only about improved stadiums, more sensitive policing and the rest of it, as important as those things are, it’s about the fans themselves realising that aspects of their culture have to change. Put another way, taking a bit of responsibility. Sadly, this is still some way off with Slovak fans – witness Zilina fans blaming everyone (the ref, Kmotrik, Tittel, Uncle Tom Cobbley..) except the one of their own who was really guilty for the abandonment of last April’s Slovan match.

    Don’t wish to comment on how it is with Italian football as I have no relevant experience.

    But would much appreciate any follow-up Imran Iqbal Tahir could give us re Thursday night as his previous posts have been excellent

  11.   George Mon 23 Aug 2011 at 11:44 am

    We sort of know what happened to English football after Hillsborough. The Taylor Report led to all-seater stadiums, people not getting crushed on terraces any longer, the Premier League, 150,000 a week players, prawn sandwiches, and the Hooligans and Yobs, you know, the poor people who thought going bare chested was hip, all being priced out of live matches. And obviously those responsible for the hideous policing errors that contributed to the tragedy were prosecuted to the full extent of the law, or were retired on full pension and advised to keep very schstum .

  12.   Imran Iqbal Tahiron 25 Aug 2011 at 3:47 pm

    Slovan fans are causing trouble in Rome.

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