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Once again I couldn’t watch the match.  Just a few Twitter feeds, for which I am eternally grateful and kept me informed, and once the first Roma goal went in I feared the worse.  But it was said that Weiss had a plan here, and wow, does it seem to have worked.

I honestly thought we had no chance!  I wrote it here on the blog myself, but I’ll be wrong time and time again if this is the outcome!  11/1 were the odds against Slovan progressing from this tie, and who could argue?!  How could a team from the Corgon Liga compete with one of Serie A’s finest?  Well we just did, and I guess the stats won’t tell the story this time.

This is definitely the best result in Slovan’s recent history, and it cannot be coincidence that Vladimir Weiss has just taken over the managerial reigns, what an achievement so soon after taking over.  I knew this squad had potential, and I am sure Roma under-performed and excuses will be made, but what a fantastic reward now to finally qualify for the Group Stages of a major European competition.

The draw is tomorrow, how exciting to think about 6 competitive European fixtures coming up over the Autumn.  Congratulations to Slovan, the team, and the fans, who apparently created a fantastic support down in Rome.  An amazing day for all, I am sure.

If there are comments on the tactics, players, performances etc, I’d love to hear them below.  For now though, I am just loving this result.  Absolutely bloody brilliant Slovan!

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  1.   James Baxteron 26 Aug 2011 at 12:44 am

    What can you say? Weiss is officially a genius is one response which seems sensible. The pundit on STV keeps on about psychological preparation and that seems apt because even after the Roma goal (appalling keeping by Putnocky) Slovan didn’t waver for the rest of the half. Solid defence and especially good midfield three, including Grendel till Stepanovsky replaced him.

    First 20 mins of 2nd half, Roma upped the tempo, played fantastic football, kept cutting through at will and you kept thinking ‘any second now..’ but it didn’t happen. Shots went everywhere but on target and it started to look like Slovan would indeed make it to extra-time. The goal was an ‘out of the blue’ bonus – I really hadn’t seen that coming. Even then, Roma had chances, and Putnocky was finally made to earn his corn, but, really it was all over.

    There’ll be repercussions for Roma. Totti was taken off for the final 15 mins to loud boos from their support. Reports of trouble in the city, including a stabbing. Guess we’ll hear more of that tomorrow. But no question, fine fine effort from the boys on the pitch and the miracle-worker on the touchline.

  2.   slovak-republic.orgon 26 Aug 2011 at 12:47 am

    You haven’t seen the match, so just to let you know. Weiss certainly had a great plan (as always)! I have never seen any coach to have such psychological skills as him.

    There were like 10 minutes in the second half, where AS Roma could score at least 3 times. They lost it when Luis Enrique took Totti down, they simply stopped playing. Other than that it was absolutely even match.

  3.   James Baxteron 26 Aug 2011 at 12:53 am

    ‘Even’ is pushing it but possession stats, shots, corners etc count for nothing next to goals. I think the opening mins of the 2nd half were crucial, however long the period was. In a game like that, you have to score when you’re as on top, as Roma most definitely were then. Once Slovan were through that, I saw them making it to extra-time. Never saw the equaliser coming, though.

  4.   slovak-republic.orgon 26 Aug 2011 at 1:04 am

    People who know Weiss would say Slovan was waiting for it. ;) I like that idea… Weiss can do miracles, not once (Petrzalka in Champions League), not twice (Slovakia in World Cup), many times…

  5.   George Mon 26 Aug 2011 at 3:04 am

    I think James was watching a different match to most of us …But remember he lives in a world of when football supporters wore suits, ties and cloth caps at a game and when the local butcher, baker and candle stick maker paid the players wage bill of 5 bob a game .

    Lets have a reality check here. This is the Mickey Mouse Europa Cup, where most team will put up their 2nd or 3rd string players, to give them a game and the grounds will be 50% full .This was also not a slick ‘away’ performance by a professional footballing outfit, constantly probing the home team with sharp counter attacks and finally wearing them down, to get the draw they needed. This was a backs to the wall, desperate, often comical defending performance yet again, where only good fortune and some quite brilliant goalkeeping, kept Slovan in the game for so long. Every time Roma attacked, they looked like scoring, with slick passing and intelligent moves and only they know how they did not score at least 6 times. Slovan on the other hand, put themselves under pressure, by terrible passing, lack of basic defending ability and gave the ball away far too often. I lost count they ended up on their backsides or eating grass, when left wrong footed by a slick piece of Roma footwork . Sebo was again, like a fish out of water, taking up attacking positions of hiding behind the last defender , hoping for a mistake . Slovan created nothing to trouble Roma for 80 minutes of the game. The deciding goal, as for the first leg, was totally out of the blue, however well it was taken.

    One thing I do find myself agreeing on is that Weiss is not only a Good, Lucky General, but a genius. To get this crap group of quite hapless, untalented players, most of whom, could not trap a bag of cement, even on the same planet as Roma for 180 minutes, was an excellent and amazing achievement. I find it incomprehensible that Weiss was not appointed before the APOL game and Slovakia could have some real football and footballers to view live, until Christmas.

  6.   James Baxteron 26 Aug 2011 at 8:44 am

    Those are the sour grapes of a man who had his money on a 4-0 home win I feel, George. And weren’t you saying a while back that the APOEL loss was nothing to do with Jarolim, that the players were crap etc? In which case, it would follow that Weiss would have made no difference then.

    Another quote I quite like about football ; ‘the best team always wins, the rest is only gossip’. Perhaps doesn’t always apply to a 90 minute game (which is actually one of the beauties of the game) but applies more to 2-leg affairs and definitely to league competitions.

  7.   George Mon 26 Aug 2011 at 9:54 am

    I did think about being accused of sour grapes as I wrote my ditty, but I just did not see this any wonder team performance by Slovan, just a great result. Slovan were as a team, just embarrassingly hopeless . I did however state in one of my previous posts , that now Weiss had become manager, then at least this band of total footballing misfits, may just start to be better organised than before and by default would get better results .

    Roma were by far the better team and their technical ability shone through ….just in front of goal there appeared to be some very odd finishing and I did accept, a quite brilliant goalkeeping performance .

    I thought it was quite brave of the Italian manager to replace Totti. Clearly a crowd favorite, but at an age now, where he was just show boating after the hour. At least he was trying to win the game in the 90 minutes by shuffling the changes. I am still not sure what Slovan were doing, as they hardly had an effort on goal and with still Sebo playing hide and seek for a defensive error , rather than getting in among the elbows and where it may hurt in the box .

    A match is not won until it is lost and sadly in football , the better team does not always win the game, just the one who scores more goals than the other side .

  8.   HaHaon 26 Aug 2011 at 10:38 am

    Let’s all laugh at George with his match prediction!! What was it…4-0??!! Ha ha ha.

  9.   britskibelasion 26 Aug 2011 at 11:26 am

    That is .. of course .. the danger of advertising your betting slips around the net [on BB & The Daily I noticed]. I will allow myself a bit of a giggle too .. thanks for that Mr HaHa!

  10.   George Mon 26 Aug 2011 at 12:41 pm

    Well ha, ha,ha to you both …. At a 11to1 bet made a week ago, where did you think my personal money was on, in a two horse race, with one team considered as hapless, but have Lucky General Weiss as the manager ; are 1-0 up from the first leg, 90 minutes away from victory and against a Roma side who are a team that can blow both red hot and very cold in their own stadium ?
    I took that gamble guys …:-) Suck on that lemon eh?

    Edge Betting and betting your little wad on good odds is a somewhat different skill set , from being sensible and having a neutral, critical eye of the game(s) overall in print…well rather than be a blathering blind football fan, who obviously has the football IQ of a goldfish, who jumps up and down in North Sea and who hugs a Union Jack around with The Blues printed on it .

  11.   HaHaon 26 Aug 2011 at 2:21 pm

    George 20 Aug

    “Small bet , min 4/0 in Roma”

    Top stuff.


  12.   HaHaon 26 Aug 2011 at 2:34 pm

    George M
    19 Aug…

    “I expect Roma to run out easy winners in the 2nd leg 3 or 4 to nil. No one can be that luck twice in row and Slovan have no one who looks like scoring”

  13.   Fat Eckon 26 Aug 2011 at 3:32 pm

    Absolutely fantastic result, Slovan – congratulations. Especially as, from what I read in this thread, they seem to have been the first team in the history of association football to defeat a side who were superior to them. Just as Roma were the first team in the annals of the game to prove they’re better by scoring less goals than the opposition :-) LOL!

    My own team went out last night to another Eastern European side who we were also “strongly fancied” to eliminate, even after, like Slovan at home to Roma, we lost the first leg by a single goal. I didn’t hear anyone at Ibrox claiming Rangers were “the better team” or that the Maribor players couldn’t trap a bag of cement. We just knew we’d lost and the Slovenians had won. In terms of establishing the best team in any given football match I tend to find the scoreboard is always a handy hint – especially when it’s at the 90 minute mark and the referee chap (he’s the one wearing a different strip to all the other people on the pitch – except the people with flags and sticks running up and down the touch lines. Sometimes one of them is even a GIRL!) has blown that little one-note musical instrument he carries round his neck for the final time. That’s if you haven’t already picked it up the hint from the colour of shirts worn by the players who’re celebrating and the ones who’re lying on the grass gutted.

    Slovan Bratislava – through. AS Roma – out. Rangers, Celtic, Hearts and Dundee United – out so my congratulations to Slovan are wrapped in friendly envy. Vlad Weiss senior – a genius. Football – a team game.

    Maybe hugging a Union Jack, dangerous as it is, gives you a bit of perspective – a dash of insight, a modicum of basic perception. Or maybe it’s nothing to do with hugging a UJ – maybe it’s just that if you’ve watched more than two football matches in your life you’ll know what you’re talking about.

  14.   George Mon 26 Aug 2011 at 4:30 pm

    OK I give up , can someone out there actually translate what the hell, Fat Eck was talking all about ? Does anyone out there convert gibberish and a monolog of cleche into something we can read ?

    If he was bemoaning the fact that Scotland have no reps left in Europe this year , what did you think was going to happen when you arrange your top league based, on two clubs and the income their 50,000 supporters may bring in ….

    BTW When was the last time Scotland made the finals of a World Cup ? Was it the Ally Army year, , or when they bribed the ref to give them a handball penalty, that never happened against Wales ??

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