Sep 19 2011

DAC Dunajksa Streda 1-0 SK Slovan Bratislava

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Just when we thought things couldn’t get any worse in the league (2 points & 0 goals from 3 matches), Slovan have contrived to produce the worst result I can possibly think of, losing 1-0 away at bottom of the table DAC.  Local rivals, no less.

This was a vitally important match, in my opinion, for exactly the reason we’re sure to find out; nothing to do with the lost ground in the league, rather with the  position of huge scrutiny Vladimir Weiss now finds himself in, just weeks after taking the job and things seemingly going so well.  What will this defeat now do for the ‘spirit’ in the camp.  It won’t take long for the fans to turn against the coach, and what must be happening amongst the players after this latest debacle?  Before we know it, attendances will be back below 2,000 and no-one will want to sign for this club.

The selection against DAC contained exactly the same back 4 and 3 of the midfielders who played against Bilbao:

Hrosso – Bagayoko, Dobrotka, Had, Pauschek – Grendel, Zofcak, Guede, Taborsky – Lacny, Hartig

Milinkovic, Kordic and Halenar were used off the bench.

My problem is with the 3 players I haven’t personally seen play.  The 3 loanees brought in from the Czech Republic to strengthen the squad before the transfer window closed.  Quite what is the quality and motivation of these players (Taborsky, Lacny & Hartig)?  At least Weiss played 2 up front for this match, but Lacny and Hartig, what will they achieve if they can’t break down the defence of the team bottom of the league?  Why didn’t Halenar start the match?  He didn’t even feature against Bilbao.  And why didn’t Stepanovsky, the hero of Rome (but also not used against Bilbao) get a game today?

According to Michal Petrak, a Czech football journalist, Hartig would be better suited playing alongside a proven goal-scorer, so I really can’t understand why Halenar didn’t start if Weiss insisted on playing Hartig.

An interesting stat provided by Michal:

Games/goals in Cz league: Hartig 124/20, Lačný 15/0, Táborský 128/17

And an even better quote: “To combine these three strikers and expect goals is a mistake, I’d say.”

I’m disappointed, and shooting from the hip basically to stir up some (constructive) debate, I haven’t seen anything of the match, and credit must be given to DAC, who’s defence is obviously not that bad, and got the result which now lifts them well back in touch at the bottom of the table after their disastrous start.  Personally I would like DAC to stay in the league, so good luck to them.

Next Slovan go to Pezinok in the cup, they might as well play the reserves, who play in the same league as Pezinok, give the 1st team a rest, they obviously need it.  Next Saturday Slovan host Kosice at Pasienky, while the excuse can be used this weekend that this was an away match after a tough European tie, next week there will be absolutely no hiding places for Weiss and his troops.  The only solace may be that the upcoming run of fixtures (Kosice, Presov, Trencin) should offer as good a chance of getting out of this hole as any, but on the other hand, if things don’t improve, one only wonders what might happen ..

Weiss didn’t even face the press, and his assistant Boris Kitka admitted the following:

“It is difficult to find words. We are in crisis, and tired of the cup matches.”

Well, WE might be talking of crisis, but what message does that send out?  Admitting to being in crisis just 3 weeks after one of the greatest nights in the club’s history.  Tired of the cup matches?  Wow, that’s worrying – we’ve still got 5 more to go Boris!  Hardly professional or giving a reassurance that they will turn things around, is it?


Slovan do toho ..

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  1.   George Mon 19 Sep 2011 at 9:48 am

    Not difficult to say I told you so …this lazy team could not trap a bag of cement and Weiss just finally used up all his luck.

    This team is a bunch of plodding horses , that live off the reputation of last season ….ie they just have to turn up to win etc .

    He would be better giving up on this team of loosers ( in more than just matches ) and focus on the national side, or that team will just fall apart ….and well after the Armenia game that is already starting t happen.

  2.   James Baxteron 19 Sep 2011 at 11:53 am

    ‘…that live off the reputation of last season ….ie they just have to turn up to win etc .’

    There might well be sth in that. So many of the post-title interviews last saeason were peppered with quotes like ‘we’ve proved we’re the best’ etc. At the time, I thought finding it all a bit triumphalist was me being a sour loser but now I wonder.

    I think one of the many reasons Zilina fell away in spring was this same kind of attitude – going to Dubai for a ‘champions tournament’, not preparing properly for the inevitable loss of key players etc. And while that was going on, Slovan were quietly working, very hard by all accounts, on the task of getting back in the race. Have they perhaps forgotten what it was that won them that title in the first place?

    You can throw in all sorts of other explanations ; I suspect the Roma and Bilbao games were especially tiring given the fact that Slovan spent a lot of time w/out the ball and had so much running to do. Weiss himself says they had nothing left to give in the last 15 mins v Bilbao.

    Are they responding properly to what Weiss wants? Are his tactics (‘reactive’ as Jonathan Wilson might call them) ill-suited to the domestic scene where Slovan are one of the stronger sides and need to make the play?

    Also, of course, in a league like this, the ‘smaller’ clubs are up for the games against like the country’s European representatives, as well as knowing Weiss’s tactics have a chance of working rather well when turned against him.

    As for the new players, I think Lacny is Slovak – used to play for Ruzomberok. He is a Sparta Praha reject, though, and I’m not sure Slovan’s situation really justifies grubbing around after players who can’t make it over the border. I’m sure Hartig was brought in specifically for his European experience – I seem to recall him doing well for Artmedia in the CL and he’s played in Europe for Sparta, as well as in Russia. Taborsky I know zilch about.

    I would ask what’s happening with talented lads like Kuzma, Kolcak etc. If they’re not worth a go now, when there’s so much football to play, will they ever be?

    But for all that, I still think Slovan have to be favourites for the league this season, with Trnava nearest challengers. Still, this ‘crisis’ (Kitka says it is one, Lacny says it isn’t) is interesting to observe from afar!

  3.   StaryJazvecon 19 Sep 2011 at 1:16 pm

    Ciao ragazzi,

    RE Slovan: Haha, have it.

    RE Hartig: he was the dog’s bollox when he was at ‘Zalka, rated him, but that was a while back now, I see he’s coming up 35.

    RE Lacny: b. Levoča, it says here, I have no opinion about him, but I’m trying to build a statto reputation.

  4.   britskibelasion 19 Sep 2011 at 1:51 pm

    Ah, Jazvec, welcome back. Unfortunately Zalka were not able to build on their victory over Zemplin, and lost at home to Liptovsky Mikulas & Trencin and drew away at Boldva Moldava while you were away. Now they find themselves in a similar position to Slovan; lingering in mid-table. See you soon.

  5.   George Mon 19 Sep 2011 at 2:58 pm

    Dan stop it , it kinda gets boring how you brown nose, and stato every geek and trainspotter that arrives to comment …

  6.   britskibelasion 19 Sep 2011 at 4:25 pm

    Is this your blog George? Regarding what gets boring, why don’t you re-read Fat Eck’s comment on the Bilbao preview pieces, to which I notice you haven’t responded yet.

  7.   George Mon 20 Sep 2011 at 9:25 am

    Firstly , I think that is about the 10th time I have heard you mention on one forum or another , that this, or that was YOUR BALL …. well na, na, nanana ! . I thought the idea is that the web or internet, on these type things was Open Forum dicussion…clearly you wanna just play with your own turkey, whilst sucking up the supporting praise, like some crawling parents do for some schoolboy, when he performs on stage . If you clap do we have to throw you a fish or what ?

    As for Fat Eric …well excuse me, why would I respond to a bull dog, chewing a wasp ? He’s obviously the first in his family to be born without a tail and I’ve come across decomposed bodies that are less offensive than he . Clearly the guy has some rectal fetish problems and has been perhaps pushing that broom handle, too far up his backside …perhaps Erik is getting ever closer to his teeth and now he has developed a tic.?

    Besides the last time I respond to a cretin who who made some sad, mad and very personal remarks about my ‘invited’ by them comments ( ie YOU! ) … you then you deleted the entire conversation, so why would I waste my time ?

    Can we get back to football now, or do you need to have another hissy fit on YOUR BLOG ?

  8.   StaryJazvecon 20 Sep 2011 at 3:33 pm

    Taxi for Mr. Weiss!

  9.   James Baxteron 20 Sep 2011 at 10:10 pm

    Markiza news says he didn’t turn up for training today so does indeed look like he’s had enough(?) Nothing official announced yet about whether he’s quit or not.

  10.   George Mon 21 Sep 2011 at 6:32 pm

    Ah welcome to the forum James ….please wait whilst I clear my brown nose ……….Any further developments on Weiss and his quitting Slovan ?

    I note with interest , that Slovakia has slipped 13 places in the FIFA world rankings today , to number 39 , Czech’s are 40th , Armenia who beat Slovakia 0-4 have moved 27 places to 44th ….and wait for it Hungary are 27th ????

  11.   StaryJazvecon 25 Sep 2011 at 10:49 pm

    Dave reckons the second Slovan goal v Kosice is one of the bentest he’s ever seen, the keeper ran out and deliberately misjudged the bounce, he reckons, I havent seen it myself.

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