Nov 21 2011

Corgon Liga Round 18 Review

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With just one full round of fixtures remaining before the winter break, things couldn’t be tighter at the top of the Corgon Liga.  All but one of the Round 18 fixtures in Slovakia ended 1-1 over the weekend, DAC Dunajska Streda being the only club to manage 3 points beating a Trencin side who are on a poor run of form and fearing losing some of their best players over the winter transfer window.  DAC move off the bottom of the table thanks to a couple of great goals from Bosnian midfielder Josip Coric.

The match of the weekend was in Trnava, Spartak hosting rivals Zilina in a fixture which was very well attended (7642) including hoards of travelling ‘fans’ from Zilina.  Stary Jazvec and Jose-Luis were there and will no doubt have more to say on this – Jose has some great photos up on Facebook here.  I say ‘great’ but it looks rather less than great as the Zilina crowd were obviously intent on causing chaos both inside and outside the ground.  Stories of flares being thrown from the visitor’s section and over-zealous policing will no doubt be elaborated upon by those who witnessed it all first hand.  The match finished 1-1 and was, once again, dominated by Miroslav Karhan, head and shoulders above the rest of the players on display.  Karhan scored the opened for Trnava with a fine strike from outside the box.  If Trnava stay in the title race, Karhan will be largely responsible with last week’s news of Kore Kone putting in a premature transfer request hardly likely to have impressed his team-mates.  Trnava are top of the league with a game in hand over most of their rivals, and will probably be pleased to have escaped this match with a point.

Slovan travelled to Zlate Moravce on Sunday for another ‘top 4′ encounter where either side gaining 3 points would have given a huge boost ahead of the winter break.  In fact it wasn’t to be, Milos Lacny’s 2nd goal in Slovan colours being equalised by a tremendous shot from the edge of the box by Martin Chren.  Both sides had chances to take the 3 points, but it surely be Slovan the most relieved with the draw, a couple of golden opportunities opened up for the home side in the dying minutes, none of which they were able to convert.  From the highlights I saw, Zlate Moravce should really have won this, then another awful mess-up of a one-on-one chance for Filip Sebo would really have been rued by Slovan.  There is plenty of talk about reinforcements to the Slovan attack being sourced in the winter transfer window, basically anybody who is on form in the Corgon Liga, and it will be interesting to see if Sebo keeps his place as preferred striker in this squad.

In front of just 541 spectators, Nitra drew with Kosice, bottom of the table Tatran Presov gained a point at Ruzomberok who will probably be quite disappointed to have lost ground to their rivals at the top of the league having arguably the easiest fixture of the round.  Presov’s equaliser came in the dying minutes of injury time and went in after a deflection from a home defender.  Dukla’s draw with Senica also hasn’t done much for either side’s chances although Senica’s game in hand against Trnava on Wednesday will be a result worth looking out for.

With the top 6 separated by just 4 points, the league has probably never been so close at the mid-season break.  Trnava are in the driving seat at the moment, and 4 points from their 2 upcoming matches against Senica and Trencin should probably see them crowned ‘Zimny-Majster’ but with all the talk of transfer movements during the break, it remains to be seen if they are the same force come 24th February.  Slovan have quietly managed to keep in touch at the top – which at one point looked unlikely – and come Spring will have their European adventure behind them and, one hopes, some sensible acquisitions from the transfer market.  James probably won’t want to talk up Zilina’s chances, but they are definitely right in the title race, and seem to be improving week by week at the moment.

As for Zlate Moravce, Senica and Ruzomberok, it remains to be seen if and which of these clubs manage to stay in the race.  That’s for the future, for the present, I am sure trio will be more than happy with their position in the league – and are all definitely in the race for European football next season.

Dukla, Nitra and Trencin have really been disappointing this season, and will be looking to improve drastically after the break.  The relegation dog-fight continues, DAC and Presov continuing to yo-yo off the bottom, with Kosice have apparently just about enough strength to stay clear of these two.

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  1.   Jameson 21 Nov 2011 at 5:11 pm

    So Zilina fans prove they’re just as good as Trnava’s or Slovan’s at being idiots. No real surprise to me there. I see on one of those pics that the players were clapping the away section after the game, also that there’s no mention of crowd trouble in Sport, only of a ‘great football atmosphere’. Perhaps if sb got hurt or even killed by one of these flares (hardly impossible since they’re flying, burning, potentially lethal objects), it would get some coverage???

    ‘Trnava are in the driving seat at the moment, and 4 points from their 2 upcoming matches against Senica and Trencin should probably see them crowned ‘Zimny-Majster’ ‘

    I don’t want to talk up Zilina (as you say) but they have a Weds game too – at Trencin. Win that and at home to Bystrica on Saturday (not that easy with Jakubko apparently in great form) and they’ll be at the very least level with Trnava. Sport had Pecovsky just ahead of Karhan as MOTM on Saturday – I’d suggest both these two are way too good for the Corgon Liga.

    But guess the happiest team – they were literally the only winners – after the w/e will be DAC.

    Who do you think Slovan will be signing then? Weiss seems to be suggesting both that a lot of his current squad ‘don’t belong at Slovan’ and that he’s interested in buying up just about all the good players from all the other clubs in the league!

  2.   Jameson 21 Nov 2011 at 5:16 pm

    ‘Win that and at home to Bystrica on Saturday (not that easy with Jakubko apparently in great form) and they’ll be at the very least level with Trnava.’

    That is unless Trnava get six pts themselves, of course.

  3.   britskibelasion 21 Nov 2011 at 5:16 pm

    The photos plastered all over tell the story of the trip to the match, and when I looked they hadn’t even put any on from inside the stadium. Jazvec was saying they had some hooligans from Poland along for company too .. didn’t look at all pretty, I must say ..

    You’re right – Zilina probably have just as good a chance of gaining 6 points from those matches as Trnava do of getting 4. Strange also, that Trnava are scheduled to play on Wednesday and again on Friday.. is that right?

    I’ve got no idea who Slovan will sign to be honest, sounds like this guy Jakubko is a good candidate though, perhaps one or two from Trencin? When I first saw Peltier I thought he was a class act, then I saw a few more of his touches and I’m not so sure .. as for Salinas – apparently too expensive (?!)

    .. or there’s the wild-cat John Delarge from DAC. Not sure about him either, from the highlights I saw, that Coric looks half decent too, then again if Slovan sign him, he wouldn’t be the first Bosnian with potential to arrive and then never quite make it ..

  4.   Jameson 22 Nov 2011 at 8:49 am

    Zilina play Bystrica on Saturday so I’ll make sure I follow Jakubko’s efforts and write the game up.

    He (Jakubko) has ‘been around’, had a decent few years in Russia and has scared the odd international defence (inc Chile’s) when sent on to provide ‘physical presence’, though I don’t recall him ever being that effective when starting for Slovakia.

    In terms of strikers, he or Oravec are of the type Slovan so obviously lack. If there’s a difference btw the two, it’s that Jakubko is pure bruiser while Oravec has that cliched quality ‘a good touch for a big man’.

  5.   StaryJazvecon 22 Nov 2011 at 1:05 pm

    Waddya mean James, dont you remember Jakubko coming on right at the death v Holland in the WC, dived over that bloke’s leg. Pen! Pure class.

  6.   Jameson 22 Nov 2011 at 2:40 pm

    Yeah, made one of Momo Ceesay’s dives look convincing. Still, you could class it as ‘making an impact as a late sub’, couldn’t you?

    Talking of Ceesay, when are you going to stop prevaricating and tell us all about Trnava-Zilina?

  7.   StaryJazvecon 22 Nov 2011 at 6:06 pm

    alrite in a minute…

  8.   StaryJazvecon 22 Nov 2011 at 6:06 pm

  9.   StaryJazvecon 22 Nov 2011 at 6:19 pm

    Main thought: If Trnava had another 10 players whose touch was half as good as Karhan’s they cld win league, but they dont. Zilina had much the better of it first half and missed some sitters. After the sending off, they played the better football. Aside from Karhan, Oravec is good at what he does and aside from that I saw 9 kids who are agressive, but whose touch is poor on the Trnava side. Good to see an old fave of mine, Barcik, still going, converted to central mid, had some nice touches early on, the occasional tussle with Karhan, but then he faded out of the game, whereas Karhan just bossed it. As a Spanish friend of mine said, he cld probably play another 4-5 years at this level, if he wanted.

    Why were there no stewards or coppers in the Zilina pen prior to the flare throwing? There were several hundred coppers to escort them to the ground and back, presumably becos some of them are dangerous, and then they are left to their own devices, right next to the home ultras during the match. Words fail me.

  10.   StaryJazvecon 22 Nov 2011 at 6:22 pm

    Well 8 kids, lets say, dont remember if the Trnava keeper was agressive.

  11.   StaryJazvecon 22 Nov 2011 at 6:27 pm

    I also dont think its very helpful that a lot of the stewards at Slovak league games seem to be pensioners.

  12.   Jameson 22 Nov 2011 at 6:46 pm

    At Za, the stewards are either kids or (barely) converted hooligans. Otherwise, no wisdom whatever to offer re crowd trouble except that Za fans can be nutters when they want and can call on a few Polish psychos to help them out.

    Interesting about the game – the Barcik-Karhan contest seems to have followed a similar pattern to in the match here in August, when Karhan’s class and the team’s strength and discipline earned them a narrow but deserved win.

    Barcik’s a nice player to watch but I’ve never been 100% convinced, wherever he plays. Nice touches but fading in and out of the game – that’s his career from what I’ve seen.

    Pecovsky is my main man. I liked him at Bystrica and I like him even more now he’s with Za. Reads the game, runs, passes accurately both long and short. If I was him, I’d be disappointed to still be plying my trade in the Corgon Liga at 28.

  13.   George Mon 23 Nov 2011 at 1:29 pm

    My god , I thought I would leave it a few days before I commented, but this is like two old sheep farmers , discussing wool yields . Not as good as Laaaaaaaaaaaast year boy !

    Anyhow to serious matters . Does anyone think Wiess will dump his adopted son and heir, Fil the Sebo in the Jan transfer window and who would buy him ….are there any sniffs or stiffs wanting a goal hanger ??

    I watch the Naples v the Dream of Dollars on Slovak TV last night and can anyone tell me why the commentary team get all excited and raises voiced when Hamsik gets the ball, or heck e thump has his one shot at shot on goal ?? I notice the same in Ice Hockey when Satan or Hossa is playing for a non Slovak team . BTW , Naples won 2/1 because they did what Italian teams do best , defend leads …MC Goalkeeper Hart had a mare and Mancci picked the wrong side to start…what is that lump … Bollitelli playing at and in this outfit ??? A player with little talent and huge ego …that sweats a lot ????

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