Jan 25 2012

Győri ETO FC 1-1 Slovan Bratislava

Fresh from a 6-0 win over Pezinok, Slovan Bratislava travelled over the border and an hour down the highway to Hungary’s sixth city for their second friendly of this winter break.  This fixture paired both Slovakia & Hungary’s 2nd-placed teams, but had very much the feel of a mid-week training ground run-out, with the exception of a brief caffufle 5 minutes from time, involving-for Slovan’s part Radek Dousoudil & Momodou Bagayoko.

Slovan take the field in their white 'friendly' kit

Slovan started with a more experimental XI than against Pezinok, notably young striker Karol Meszároš appearing up-front alongside Juraj Halenar.  Meszároš looked as accomplished a player as many of his colleagues, and was a good example of the ‘close pass-and-move’ style teams try to adopt on the artificial surfaces used for these winter-friendly matches.  Unfortunately you fear come Spring back on the grass and with the physical nature of many of the Corgon Liga defences, we’ll be back to more of a long ball style game.

Slovan had the best of the opening exchanges, once again Marko Milinkovic and Erik Grendel standing out in midfield.  There was no real threat on goal though, perhaps Slovan’s play was rather too intricate to produce any real moments of danger.  Milinkovic did test the keeper with a curler from outside the box, apart from that Győr’s defence were relatively comfortable throughout.  It took a mix-up between Meszároš and Jánošík on the right of midfield to leave Slovan’s defence totally out of position, and a quick counter attack saw the hosts take the lead mid-way through the half.

vantage points at a premium

I would like to say more about the hosts, but unfortunately it seems like these friendly games are really not geared up with the spectator in mind.  OK it’s free, but decent vantage points are impossible to come by when forced to stand on the outside of a netted training pitch.  No tannoy announcements, no team-sheets, and no score-board – information is not easy to come by.  Győr’s facilities are impressive, today’s match took place in the shadow of their 16,000 capacity stadium, presumably being better used now the team are performing well at the top of the Hungarian league.  Győr are subject of a UEFA ban up to the 2013/14 season due to a breach of licensing regulations, but it’s not hard to imagine Champions League football at this venue.  Today however, they looked distinctly average, presumably just starting out in their mid-season preparations as their first competitive match is not until 3rd March against Szombathely Haladazs.

ETO Park

Slovan rang the changes at half time.  Filip Šebo joined Ondrej Smetana up front, in what could become the new strike-partnership preferred by Weiss (but not necessarily by me!)  Smetana, discussed in James’ transfer update and my Pezinok report, has his qualities, but somehow I struggle to see him becoming a prolific goalscorer for Slovan this Spring.  He may create chances for Šebo, but I can only see this partnership adding to the fans’ frustrations by conceding numerous needless fouls and offside offences.

Győr’s Slovak left-back Otto Szabó (formerly of Slovan, DAC and Petrzalka) clearly enjoyed playing against his former club.   Szabó marked Šebo on the whole without too many problems, although Šebo’s run through and shot-come-cross deflected off Szabó’s hand and into the path of Halenar who tapped in the equaliser with ease.  Czech-Hungarian Marek Střeštík on loan from Zbrojovko Brno also caught the eye in the second half.  The Hungarian outfit certainly have an eclectic mix of nationalities – English apparently the language of choice for several of the squad.

Bagayoko, Dousoudil and Cikos were all introduced by Slovan in the second half, the latter apparently picking up an elbow injury.  This also wasn’t Bagayoko’s day, after his single-handed destruction of Pezinok, he seemed to be on a totally different wavelength to the players he linked so well with last weekend.  Continuous gesticulating in the direction of Milinkovic and Šebo and petty arguments with the opposition didn’t help his or Slovan’s cause, and he even received a yellow card for backchat to the ref.   Then there was his contribution the needless fracas at the end, I hope Momo cools off and puts his weekend boots back on for next Saturday’s visit of Slavia Prague.

After 65 minutes, we also saw the introduction of Niku Piliev, a 20-year-old CSKA Moscow midfielder trialing with Slovan this winter.  Apparently Piliev was highly rated as he came through in Russia, but his career seems to have stalled in the last couple of years.  He has Champions League experience, but failed to impress the scouts at Slavia Prague and doesn’t seem to be making the grade in the Russian Premier League.  He showed some good touches, an aggressive run down the wing, so this one could go either way.  I understand Slovan will make a decision on whether to take him to Spain after Saturday’s match with Slavia.

1-1 it finished, both teams satisfied I suppose with the outcome of a match that really I can only justify my attendance at by the fact I was driving past Győr today anyway.

150-hardy souls?

Finally, continuing the Slovak-Hungarian theme, a quick mention of Filip Kiss, on loan at Cardiff City from Slovan this season. Kiss is celebrating reaching a Wembley final in his first season in ‘England’ (Wales).  Kiss was leading the celebrations at Cardiff knocked out Crystal Palace last night on penalties.  Although usually used from the bench, Kiss is something of a cult-hero at Cardiff already, and I can only assume will be signing on a permanent deal this summer.  Congratulations!


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  1.   James Baxteron 26 Jan 2012 at 6:56 am

    Looks like a nice day there anyway. Taking up the point about these games not being ‘fan-friendly’, there seem to be big differences between the early stages of preparation, of which this match was a part, and the ‘dress-rehearsal’ friendlies, which some clubs do try to promote. 2 years ago, Zilina played Sparta Praha here and it was billed as this big cross-border challenge. Tickets were priced as high as for league games and 4,500-odd turned up.

    I see Pecalka has joined Slovan on loan but, reading about his injury, they’re clearly taking a risk. The earliest he can start training is mid-Feb and that’s if there are no more complications. Perhaps they’re thinking longer-term, that if they give him this chance, he might be inclined to join permanently in the summer and will be a ready-made replacement for Dobrotka, should he choose to leave.

    As for Smetana, I really think Senica built their whole game around him last season, and he was a real handful. I’m sure Slovan will use him differently and then he’ll have to show he can adapt. We’ll see…

  2.   George Mon 26 Jan 2012 at 10:17 am

    I am not sure why anyone in their right mind, soccer toothy geek or not, would travel hours to see a Training Ground game? …v Sparta, Slav or another Praha, or Austria V, Rapid or Red Bull OK I could make a small case….But Slovan v Gyor ??

    `Győr’s Slovak left-back Otto Szabó (formerly of Slovan, DAC and Petrzalka) clearly enjoyed playing against his former club. Szabó marked Šebo on the whole without too many problems …` oh why, oh why, am I just not surprised …I guess all that conditioning training is having some effect .

    Dan, just a quick question, is there some game you play, perhaps even with yourself Mr Lonely , that means you have to name every player on the field, that you can find???

  3.   britskibelasion 26 Jan 2012 at 11:23 am

    George, if you continue to insist on commenting on every article on this blog, you could at least read the content properly first .. although your point is at least valid – it would certainly not have been justified to travel “hours” to that match, but I thought that message came across in the article .. perhaps not.

    On days like yesterday, yes I try to mention a few players – obviously there isn’t much else to write about – stadium and fan culture is more my thing – although, again to reiterate a point already made in the article, there isn’t much of that to be found in these friendly games.

    I see Sport are linking Grendel to Cracovia in Poland. I really hope he doesn’t leave just now, because he is looking increasingly impressive. Perhaps after the success of Kiss at Cardiff, some clubs in England might be tempted ..

  4.   George Mon 26 Jan 2012 at 1:38 pm

    Bratislava to Gyor is what 80klms ? There and back home, what 2ish hours in a car, longer on bus, or by train ….So my expression of `spending hours `, being more than two hours, was actually correct , no?

    Dan, old son let me just say, perhaps we have got off on the wrong foot . So for the avoidance of any doubt, please let me put the record completely straight between us, so that our relationship can perhaps move on ?

    James Baxter , I see as a cuddly little smug creature, who writes some fine, interesting and sometime amusing football articles. I see Plato, Hemingway, Charles Dickens, Shakespear, David Beckham`s right foot….David Beckham`s left foot for that matter . Some ( OK all ) of his reports are a bit long winded stray off topic and can be anecdotal, but this is the nature of the man. Nether the less, his witterings are more often than not, quite fun to read over a cup of tea. If I have reason to be critical or `knock` the man and his works, I see James as that little toy at the bottom of my budgie cage that my dear bird shoves over in play, only for it to right itself again within seconds, ready of another thump . Let me be clear, I am not in love with James, it is just that he comes somewhere close to being my intellectual equal .

    Dan, when I read your words, I just see a total cretin .

    I trust we now understand each other and of course forever more?

  5.   britskibelasion 26 Jan 2012 at 3:06 pm

    ” a match that really I can only justify my attendance at by the fact I was driving past Győr today anyway ”

    only you George can be so moronic and ignorant to argue and get abusive over points where we actually fundamentally agree ..

  6.   George Mon 26 Jan 2012 at 5:24 pm

    God a cretin, and with a serious sense of humour failure as well…

    Few porkie pies here Dan Babe. No one just drives past Gyor, on that time, day of a match or kick off time , you have to organise it?

    Btw, where were you off too, just drivin past anyway ? The North Sea and the day job, is in the other direction, no ?

  7.   britskibelasion 26 Jan 2012 at 6:11 pm

    My sense of humour is absolutely fine George, it just never gets tickled by any of the crap that you produce.

    You are just so predictable it’s untrue. I just knew you’d take this tone with this article, and each response is more predictable that the previous.

    The thing is you’re so very wrong, George, and what’s even more sad is that you expect me to humour you with a response. Unlike you, I don’t sit around all day spouting endless bullsh*t. Because, to be totally honest with you, I probably would have travelled from Bratislava just for the match – I’m just glad I didn’t, and that’s exactly the point I was making in the article, that you are clearly too blind and ignorant to understand.

  8.   George Mon 26 Jan 2012 at 10:26 pm

    Crap ? Some of my best lines were there …Tell me Dan , if electricity comes from electrons, does that mean that morality comes from a moron?

  9.   britskibelasion 27 Jan 2012 at 8:42 am

    George, for someone who claims to know everything about Slovakia, especially it’s shortcomings, you are yet again displaying total ignorance.

    Are you not aware there are large parts of Southern Slovakia which are better connected to Bratislava by the Hungarian highway? Personally I prefer to pay the modest toll charge and have a clear drive at 130km/h than fiddling about on dangerous single lane provincial roads in Slovakia.

    Ah, this would be the highway which passes Gyor. So, as it happens, I was returning from such a place. Yes I timed my journey to coincide with the match, but no it didn’t take “hours” out of my day.

    There are plenty of places to call people liars and question their morality. Sorry to disappoint you, but this is not one of them.

  10.   George Mon 27 Jan 2012 at 10:01 am

    `George, and what’s even more sad is that you expect me to humour you with a response`…

    Have a banana Dan, make your day .

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