Jan 27 2013

Cvirik Sacked by Trnava

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Spartak Trnava’s season descended further into chaos this week when it emerged that defender and former captain Peter Čvirik had had his contract terminated by the club. The reason was Čvirik’s behaviour at the club ball at Trnava’s Holiday Inn on 19th January. The player was said to be ‘under the influence of alcohol’ and left the venue before 11pm. Reports in Slovakia’s tabloid newspapers have suggested that Zlatica Puškarová, a presenter with Markíza TV who was in charge of ceremonies at the event, asked Čvirik to quieten down and moderate his behaviour as early as 9pm.

The decision to terminate Čvirik’s contract appears to have been made at the request of coach Peter Zelenský. ‘Before the ball, I warned the players that they were representing the club and needed to behave decently. Everything I’ve heard since confirms that Čvirik disregarded my instructions. His actions embarrassed the club at an event where sponsors were present and, in drinking to excess, he failed to stick to the players’ winter training regime,’ Zelenský said following the announcement of the decision.

Čvirik himself appears to feel hard done by. ‘I wasn’t attending a funeral,’ he said, ‘I wanted to have a good time. I had a drink or two but I wasn’t drunk. I didn’t cause any disorder or provoke anyone.’ He goes on to suggest that there might be other reasons for his dismissal : ‘I’m not everyone’s favourite at Trnava. I’m sure there are people there who are glad I’ve been kicked out.’

A statement by the club’s co-owner Vladimír Poór, meanwhile, says that Zelenský has the final say in matters connected with team discipline and that the club backs up his stance over Čvirik. There is also an insistence that no factors other than what happened at the ball have influenced the decision. ‘We certainly have nothing at all against Peter Čvirik,’ the statement reads. ‘Indeed, we greatly value his contribution. His performances last spring in the Corgoň Liga were especially outstanding, and he has played very well in European competition too. But there has to be discipline in the dressing-room.’

The controversy surrounding Čvirik will doubtless divert attention from Trnava’s winter signings, who thus far number four. As reported earlier this month, striker Ivan Lietava has arrived from Ukrainian club Vorskla Poltava. He is joined by former Slovakia international Ivan Hodúr (from Zaglebie Lublin) and Dubnica youngsters Oliver Augustini and Martin Klabník.

David Depetris finally settled his immediate future last week, signing a three-and-a-half year contract with Turkish second-tier club Caykur Rizespor. The move was covered in great depth in Šport, with Depetris himself making the unsurprising claim that he has made it for sound footballing reasons. ‘I had offers fromRomania, the Czech Republic and Switzerland,’ he said, ‘but Rizespor’s vision appealed to me most.’ He also dismisses those who suggest that the move is not a step up from Slovak football, insisting that ‘I’ve talked to a lot of people who say that, actually, the Turkish second division is better than the Corgoň Liga’.

Another forward on the move is Slovan Bratislava youngster Karol Mészáros, who will spend the spring on loan with Vion Zlaté Moravce. Clearly, Slovan’s hope that Vion have the capacity to offer young players the ideal opportunity to develop outweighs any fear of them sustaining a serious championship challenge. Their judgement will probably be proved right ; Vion may be the Corgoň Liga’s current second-placed side, but are six points behind Slovan and have a small squad. But players such as Žilina’s Michal Škvarka and Adam Žilák have improved tremendously during loan spells with them. Mészáros, clearly a talent, should do likewise.

Banská Bystrica defender Norbert Gyömbér, like Mészáros a member of Slovakia’s Under-21 squad, should be on the move this summer, to Italian Serie A side Catania Calcio. He has been one of the most closely-watched youngsters in Slovak football for some time now, and his big step up seems overdue. Assuming the transfer does go ahead, Gyömbér will have a new centre-back partner during his final months at Bystrica, as Jozef Adámik has signed from Prešov.

James Baxter

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  1.   Fat Eckon 05 Feb 2013 at 4:18 pm

    Really interesting read, James.

    Yeah, you’re right to be skeptical about Depetris and the Turkish second tier but I think Gyömbér’s move can only be good for Slovakia. One can’t help thinking there’s nothing but good can come of the fitness, discipline and tactical insight most players would gain playing professionally in Italy. Beinging this to the international dressing room is a massive boost for his native country.

    With three of the squad for the Belgium friendly already plying their trade in Italy, and some lads in England, Russia and Germany, I think playing against Slovakia at international level will soon be as daunting as Peter Čvirik’s bar bill.

  2.   Fat Eckon 05 Feb 2013 at 4:19 pm

    *bringing this to the international dressing room … * (sorry – that’s what I get for mocking someone’s drinking)

  3.   Jameson 05 Feb 2013 at 8:56 pm

    Thanks Alex, well I shouldn’t take these things personally, but I couldn’t help feeling deflated by the Depetris move. The best half-season goalscorer the league’s ever had and he’s going to the Turkish 2nd league?! It can only be about money, for all he denies it.

    As for Gyomber, I hope he’ll be playing for Bystrica in Zilina on March 2nd. Very classy, level-headed young player ; he even managed to impress Felix Magath during a trial last summer. And you’re right, Italian football’s got to be good for his development. Young Vlado seems to have done well since he’s gone there, and there’s Hamsik of course. Kucka (who plays for Genoa) is an odd case – made a fantastic impression against Italy in SA (no doubt that’s what caught Genoa’s eye) but has struggled a bit since and often looks to be trying a bit too hard. I’m biased, but for me the best central 3 in midfield are Pecovsky as the holder, Sapara as the deep playmaker and Hamsik running from behind the striker.

    And Peter Cvirik’s wife reckoned he was sober when the taxi brought him home. So there you have it!

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